20 Original Inspirational & Thought Provoking Quotes

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! For something a bit different I thought I would compile some of my original quotes from my instagram. Whenever a thought bursts into my mind about the nature of reality and how I can use that idea to make the world a better place I write it down – either in my journal or by posting it online. I really enjoy writing these and I hope you enjoy reading them too!






Sometimes it’s much easier to criticise than to compliment. It’s easier to notice your flaws than acknowledge your strengths. You are born into a world that teaches you to adapt to its norms, its cultural expectations and the pursuit of wealth and status. You are judged by others on your achievements and image and encouraged to participate in judging in turn. Soon the voices of judgement become such a engrained part of yourself that it’s hard to find a way out – that’s often where mental illness begins. The world would be a brighter place for sure if we all took a few minutes to say to our dear ones “Good job! You’re doing great!” 💪

I often think that the whole matter of living a life led by ego vs. the soul can be summed up in a question: Do you live to have or do you live to BE?
If you live to have, to amass more money, property, gadgets, fancy cars, clothing, holidays, popularity, sex and any other thing that can be taken away from you then you will never feel enough because there is always more you could have.

But when you live to be, just to breathe and experience the moment, you are not focused on what you have or don’t have since nobody can take away your experiencing of the now – it belongs to you. In order to be happy we must believe our self worth belongs to us and is not a public commodity for others to edit. Giving away your power in this way to others will always leave you feeling powerless and empty – A full life is one where you take the reins! 🌞




Quit sweating the small stuff. A bad morning, a bad day, even a bad month is going to go away. That’s the nature of life – everything you experience now is impermanent so go and enjoy every moment 💋💕




We live in a society that expects, even demands certainty. Cults of personality revolve around the boldest, most outwardly confident voices – (e.g Trump). The world is full of opinions but our inflexibility, our need to appear as if we ‘know what we’re doing’, our stubborn insistence that our view of reality is the correct one is so limiting to our species’ potential! Sometimes we’ve got to get honest and admit we don’t know what we’re doing – we don’t know the answer. If politics has become about image and we see how damaging that is to real world results for the people in difficulty, let us live our everyday lives the same way we want our global affairs to be run. Let’s strive to be more honest and open minded. Sometimes the way forward isn’t clear. Sometimes admitting doubt in your idea or choice is the best thing you can do to invite new ideas and pathways into your life. Not knowing can be the start of life changing transformation – the catalyst for real change. What the world needs more of is open minds, people willing to suspend judgement and expand their mind beyond the current system and its biases. The solution cannot be found with the same thought paths that created the problem. Become OK with not always knowing because to not know can be the start of something powerfully wise.







Don’t feed your suffering -observe and let go. Just watch it walk by like a wild fox roaming the neighbourhood- it’s okay that it came but don’t invite it back 🐮




I really wish I could support every one of you struggling with mental health. But perhaps I can make one small moment more bearable.

For the next few moments all I ask is that you allow yourself to believe you are deserving of all the love you can find within yourself.

Take a deep breath.

Allow yourself to be fully present, here and now. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth as slowly and deeply as you can.

Notice the thoughts drifting through your mind. Breathe through them, knowing that even if the thoughts are uncomfortable or painful, whatever you are feeling is OK.

There is no right and no wrong. Just be.  After a time you will notice yourself noticing your own thoughts . You may have a thought and then a counter-thought – a thought about the thought. Simultaneously you are the one thinking and the observer of the thinking. Observe your thoughts as if they are not your own and you have no emotional attachment to them at all…

Notice how one thought drifts by only to be replaced by another thought. Some will stay longer than others and some will be more persuasive that their idea of reality is correct but all of them will give way for the next thought to come to your attention.

As you spend a while listening to your thoughts you will begin to notice something: These thoughts are not the essence of you – they are just passers by.  Watch them float gently by. Just like clouds clear after the rain, one by one, each painful thought will pass. Just be still, breathe, and be kind to yourself.

You may notice that in many of your thoughts there is a critical, inflexible voice.
But underneath this voice lies another softer voice which is free from judgement:

The critical voice might say: ‘You are unloveable’ but this voice is only the mask. Underneath a softer voice is speaking. It says ‘I want to connect’. The critical voice might say ‘I have failed’. Underneath it says ‘I want to make a difference.’ Thus even our negative thoughts hold wisdom. They teach us our values & as the soft voice grows stronger, guide us to build the life our soul has been calling for. Your sorrow is a message. Listen. ❤




If you dislike someone, what do they represent that you are afraid of? If you think everyone must be a certain way, what within you is threatened by not being in control of the outside? What do you not feel in control of inside? If you judge others, what are you afraid of being judged for? Where do your automatic reactions of sadness, anger, fear point to places where you don’t have enough understanding and compassion for yourself?




I was thinking today about words that can heal. Amongst them: Thank you; I love you; I’m sorry;

It’s a cliché to say we want another to be happy and sometimes that may be exactly what they need to hear! But we can acknowledge sadness too serves a purpose. Sometimes we need to take a moment to be sad, to reflect and understand the lessons of the past. Sometimes happiness can seem too far out of reach and all we really want is for someone to sit with us in the dark. Clichés and platitudes can seem insubstantial so what can we say to someone who is in a difficult place?

‘Please don’t be sad on my account’ means: “It’s ok to be sad if that’s what you need right now. But don’t be sad for my benefit. The last thing l want to do is add to your pain. Put yourself first. If anything I have done has hurt you I am deeply sorry. Please know I didn’t mean that to happen. So be whatever you need to be and do whatever you need to do right now. But don’t do it for me – do it for you. I want to add firewood to your happiness, but at the very least, let me make sure I don’t douse your flame.”




Keep working towards your dreams. The things you will be most proud of/ grateful for rarely happen overnight!













You could say we are all born with ego for divine purpose because ego makes a long human lifetime possible. Ego is not ‘bad’ – it is an essential parent to material existence on the 3D plane that is Earth.🍄🐾🌲

As infants know to cry in order to be protected and fed by their caregivers, our fear, our desire for more than we have and our labelling and categorising of experience helps us understand our physical experience, keeps us safe from danger and prolongs our presence on Earth. The concept of the ‘badness’ of the ego is relative to its definition and rigid moral definitions are perhaps a thought-child of the ego. We can also interpret ‘bad’ as a valuation of function in which case: Ego is tremendously useful in assisting the experience of the material world but not for transcending it.

There is no shame in seeing the ego within yourself – you need not feel it must be eradicated for you to be a person of moral value – that’s only more ego. The ego is a poor tour guide, pointing indirectly to our true wants and needs but to live a spiritually aligned life you need not crusade to violently destroy its presence: you need only demote it, where it can be a useful assistant.

Enlightenment as a goal in the future only highlights a deficient present. Alignment with the present is possible anywhere, to anyone and at any time. But you cannot be present in a mental fist fight with the ego. You simply need learn that the ego speaks a tongue of metaphors and reverse psychology – it is not direct in its teachings but it fulfils its purpose magnificently: to allow us to explore the vibrant material reality we are birthed into with all our physical vulnerabilities.







It can be hard to notice the good in the world when you tune into the global news: war, terrorism, poverty and political conflict permeate the message we receive about the world we live in from mainstream news channels. I believe the reason why problems such as global warming manifested is because our material skills and technology – our outward talents – are out of balance with our inward awareness. We have expanded further and further outwards to find material resources before finding inner peace which would guide our global decisions in a sustainable direction that would embrace quality of life for all beings. But still, peace and selflessness are all around us in the connections we have with family and friends and those in our communities, in a kind deed to a stranger, in two animals curling together to sleep, even in the breeze and the swaying of the flowers. Instead of zooming out to a world of projected fears and what ifs sometimes we have to zoom inward to find clarity. As a culture we are caught up in what figureheads such as politicians or celebrities are doing that we forget that no matter what calamities we are told are being experienced there is a peace to be found right in front of you if only you open your eyes 🍂🍃🌻










What is your favourite inspirational quote? I would love it if you let me know in a comment below!


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