This space is a small talk free zone.


When I was a kid I often felt out of place. I spent a lot of time thinking deeply –  about things like truth, religion, love, death. I didn’t enjoy things that were popular – I enjoyed things that were real. Growing up is great because you realise there is space for that – other people whose eyes are open with wonder about what it all means. The deep thinkers and feelers. The introspective, the highly sensitive. Those who want to unpeel each layer of ourselves and explore who we are,  what we’re doing here and how we can make a difference.

These days I’m mostly interested in self development and health – I’m currently on a journey healing from chronic illness. Health is so precious but it doesn’t only involve food and movement – mental health and self esteem are vital components as is having a big-picture understanding of where we fit into this crazy thing called reality, whether your higher power is science, God, humanity, the Universe etc. That’s why I love Eastern philosophy: regardless of your belief system there’s wisdom anyone can utilise to enhance their everyday life and mindset.

Also, if you’re a MBTI nerd like I am you’ll love my list of MBTI misconceptions – great to educate friends.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day –  ❤ YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ❤

Bobby-Jo x