A Conscious Journey To Happiness & Health

One of my favourite lyrics is “I’m medicated, how are you?” (Placebo, Follow The Cops Back Home)

Morbid, perhaps, but refreshingly honest.

I like to presume this is half of a conversation, where the other person has just asked Brian (the vocalist) how he is and, defying convention, he tells the truth. He  isn’t “Great” or “Good” or even “Okay” but “Medicated” works. As a former heroin addict he may have been referring to literal medication  but symbolically I think he means this:

I’m not alright yet but I have something to help me through it.

 He realises that pretending everything is fine is not good for him, nor for the person he is talking to because in order to solve a problem first we must acknowledge it exists.

A small child asked how they are would have little inclination to lie. The innocent words and ideas children are often wiser than adult minds that have become littered with false ideas of the world and themselves and so it is apt that these words of wisdom about how to find our way through life’s challenges come from the popular children’s book and song Going On A Bear Hunt:

 Can’t go over it… Can’t go under it…  Can’t go around it… Got to go through it. 

That is the philosophy that motivates me – to go through the sometimes dark caves of life still opening ourselves to the vulnerability of honesty with bravery, humour and an open mind – it is the only way to witness crystals of transformation that grow on the journey we are all on.